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About Michael Trachtman

- The Funnel Doctor.

I help coaches, course creators, facilitators and other experts who vacillate between helplessness and hopefulness in earning a solid income from their skills and wisdom.

In as little as six weeks of working together, we will diagnose what is not working with your funnel and develop an individualized plan so potential clients will eagerly want to pay you to work with them.

Clients say

Here's What Clients say...

Michael showed me how you get people to stay on my web page.

Before I worked with Michael, when I thought of a Web page, I thought here's what I'm trying to convey. Like, here's the thing. Here's the button. Here's the section. Here's the image.

I was not thinking about it as a customer experience. 

When Michael showed me how  to think about it in this way, it was like a light bulb moment went off and I was like, oh, wow.

That really kind of stuck out and kind of changed my thinking about things.

Loni Brown  - EntirelyEco Store for Eco-Friendly, Non Toxic Home Goods

After working with Michael, I became crystal clear on my message and my services and my value.

Before that one of the areas that I struggled in was pricing my programs.

I thought I was struggling with "Do I charge nine ninety five? Or do I charge four ninety five?"

But when I look back and reflect, I realize now that I had some mental barriers and some mental blocks on this.

After talking with Michael, and him getting to really understand what I was about, I uncovered that it actually wasn't the money.

I was struggling with the confidence to be able to charge what I was worth.

Toke Adeyemo - Nurse Practitioner and Dieting Coach for Women

Michael delivered me a marketing plan that was rich in a way that would not be with another marketer that would not go that extra mile for me.

For example, we were working on marketing headshot photography. Before our next meeting, Michael had purchased the books about this particular headshot photography style.

I think he read them all, before he presented a plan for me going forward in marketing headshot photography. And that was insane.

Jon Fischer - True You Dating Photography

More People Say...

Carol Gader  MASTER Dowser

Michael knows the technology to put everything together beautifully. I would recommend him to anyone to put their site together. It works. It's wonderful. 

Michael has a gift in putting words together to create a wonderful story about the situation that you are wanting to get out there to the public, that maybe you yourself don't have the right words.

He worked with me to find out what it is I wanted to get across, and he put the words together and created this Web site that is attracting people to it that I would never be able to do. And so I'm just very happy with his work.

I've already had purchases from people in other countries. 



Michael gave me some really great advice that instead of written text testimonials, that video testimonials would be really powerful.

He gave me really specific concrete examples of how I should do it, answered all my questions. How long should it be? Who should I interview? Gave me example questions to ask and some really good tips for the technology side of using Zoom.

I'd highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about working with Michael.

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